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In this age of science and technology, every house is full of modern devices. One such modern device is the computer monitor. Due to various reasons, the number of these monitors in our house becomes more than one. Because many times we remove the old one by installing a new monitor. We either destroy these old monitors or throw them away or sell them at a low price. So doing these things is not right at all. We must re-use every gadget.

So guys, if you have an old computer monitor lying around and you’re wondering where to use it, then today’s tune might be for you. So through this tune, today I will tell you about 5 great ways to reuse old monitors inshallah.

You probably know that unused electronics can have a detrimental effect on modern life. And some devices have harmful effects. Many times, useful gadgets for us are lying in a corner of a room and we don’t know how to do anything with them. If you’ve been thinking about reusing old monitors and wondering what to do with them, I’m going to share 5 great ideas in this tune, hopefully you’ll be able to put your old monitors to good use in any project you choose.

These ideas will come in handy if your monitor works and if it doesn’t then these ideas will come in handy. That is, the proper functioning of the monitor is not a consideration in these ideas. If your old computer monitor doesn’t work, you can use its parts to make a new gadget. You can turn it into a miniature computer or dash board if you want. Also can turn it into a smart mirror. So let’s see how to put an old monitor to good use.

1. Convert old monitors into a dash board or PC

Raspberry Pi 4 is an excellent circuit or device. Although this device is widely used in other gadgets, it is basically a full-fledged computer. It is much smaller than other gadgets and is available at a cheaper price. The price of this gadget will be like 60$ maybe. That means you can turn an old monitor into a computer for just $60.

Do you know DAKboard? It is a type of LCD wall display that displays the current time, weather conditions or forecast, calendar events, stock quotes and fitness data and news headlines. This display does not show this information through video but rather through shot photos or pictures.

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I think the best adjustable device with this old computer monitor would be the DIY DAKboard. So, you can buy an official DAKboard if you want. However, these DAKboard makers themselves have shown how to easily build a wall display with a Raspberry Pi. When you can make such a beautiful gadget for so little money or convert it into such a fun device, then why not make the device the best idea?

2. Build a DIY “Your-Eyes-Only” Monitor

Sometimes we have to do very secret and important work in front of everyone in the office. Or to browse some secret site at home. In these cases, we want my monitor screen to be visible only to myself and be careful that no one else sees it. If you are in the office, no other colleague should see the screen, and if you are at home, no child should see the screen. So the thing is, we can make a DIY “Your-Eyes-Only” monitor using an old monitor to keep other eyes away from the screen.

If others look at this monitor, they will see only white color or white screen. They can’t see anything else. But wearing a special pair of glasses allows you to see everything on the monitor. And if it was a different monitor, everyone would see it. The thing is, if someone else has these glasses, he can see them too. So the secret cannot be revealed. And not everyone will have glasses. It is just like a magical event. But this process is very complicated process.

But, if you follow dimovi’s instructions on Instructables properly, you should be able to do this. You will find a film called polar-rising film on your old monitor. It must be cut first. If it is difficult to identify the polar-rising film, consult an electrician. Cutting it will turn your screen white. As a result, no one can see what is happening or what is on the screen, not even you. Now if you want to see the screen, buy special glasses, then sit in front of the screen and do everything like a normal monitor. This is the best way to save screen information or events from unwanted eyes.

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Old monitors must be used to make such monitors. Because there is a possibility of mistakes in such work. Moreover, cutting the polar-rising film of the new monitor may not be accepted by many people.

Polar-rising film is combined with anti-glare. The polar-rising film must be cut to separate it from the anti-glare. Each part of the monitor must be assembled separately. Be careful not to damage any other part of the monitor while separating the polar-rising film.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when others can’t see your screen, they will pay attention to your expressions or gestures, i.e. where your hands are. Yes, I am talking about that thing that is going through your mind.

3. Turn old LCD monitor into smart mirror

We often have two old monitors in our house. Which is broken and which is maybe a bit better i.e. works but a bit old. Using a broken monitor we can make a kind of mirror. But if the monitor is old and a little used then a smart magic mirror can be made using the Raspberry Pi with the monitor.

You can choose from a variety of Raspberry Pi Smart Magic Mirror projects. But considering the money, we will choose the Magic Mirror^2 project. Compared to other projects, this is the most popular and easiest way to make a smart mirror. This smart mirror displays clock, calendar, weather forecast and news feed.

If this is your first time to tackle this DIY smart mirror project, select the $100 Smart Mirror Project. This isn’t the best project to make a smart mirror using an LCD monitor, but it’s a very functional project. This magic mirror will have all the basic features and will not cost a lot of money to complete.

4. Increase productivity by using two monitors

If you have two extra monitors, you can use two monitors together. This will increase your productivity. That is, if you have room on your computer desk, you can set-up two monitors at once. There are many advantages to having two monitors. Setting up two monitors together gives you more screen space, a dashboard for social media or news updates, and a separate screen for dedicated video conferencing.

All desktop operating systems we use have the ability to use two monitors. That means it’s very easy to setup two monitors on any Windows and then it’s up to you how you customize the two monitors. If you want to connect two monitors, you probably need multiple HDMI ports and a graphics card, or a desktop needs an HDMI and a VGA port. Once you set up two monitors on your desk you will clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of this two monitor setup.

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5. You can do more with old monitors

If none of the ideas shared above are applicable to you i.e. do not suit your needs, then you can think about the ideas shared below. If these ideas are a little strange, they can still work if done properly. You may also find fun in these ideas.

Turn the monitor into a TV

This is very easy to do. If TV is needed, why not? For instructions on how to do this”Click here“Do it.

Use your CRT monitor for art or decoration

If you still have an old CRT monitor you can “Click on some ideas from Buzzfeed“Can do.

You can use this monitor as a dedicated screen for the Ninetendo Wii.

The Ninetendo Wii can connect to a VGA monitor, and if you don’t have a Wii, buy one. In fact, buy a second-hand or used Wii and find it on Craigslist for very cheap.

Reuse everything, except the monitor

Like other gadgets, monitors have a limited shelf life. So, you probably already have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do with those old monitors. Now what to do with the old monitor depends on the idea or project you choose. However, creating a smart mirror should not work with problematic monitors. Modifying projects on Raspberry Pi is very easy.

If you have old monitors and old PC parts, you can rebuild or fix the entire PC. You can build them into a security system or a home server or media center. Also, you can use these old monitors in various creative projects.

So guys, this was today’s tune. Hope you like it. If you like then encourage me with a joss. If you have any comments about the tune, please let me know by commenting. See you in the next tune. Until then stay well, stay healthy. thank you


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