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One of the most important parts of our computer is the hard disk drive or SSD. We need this device to store all our important data and files. And we need storage devices of different sizes according to our needs. Even we have to upgrade our computer from hard disk drive to SSD.

So, whatever the case, we need an SSD, HDD or NVMe SSD. And we search various e-commerce websites to buy it.

Why is Disk Prices Comparison Tool needed?

Why is Disk Price Comparison Tool needed?

When we go to buy any electronic device or anything else, we definitely look for the best thing at the lowest price in the market. However, you may not get the right device in your set budget. Because, in this case, you may not be able to search the market properly. And as a result, don’t get the best SSD or hard disk within your budget.

So, you need a Disk Price Comparison Tool to buy the disk of your choice at a cheap price. Changes in the prices of hard disk and memory cards in the market are always in the focus of people’s attention. And we always try to buy the product with a little discount. And those who like to upgrade and replace various parts of their computer, usually spend more time figuring out the price changes of these devices. And various online discussion forums and many Facebook groups can be a good source for their information.

If you want to find the lowest price storage device and the highest capacity hard disk at the same price, you can visit the foreign hard disk price tracking website “Diskprice”. This website is very help full, but this website is not well designed. Where the price list of hard disk is arranged according to your filtered demand only.

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This website basically shows you the price information of hard disk from Amazon. However, if you are from Bangladesh, you might not be able to buy that product from Amazon. But you can search for the information from here, any site in your country or look for that product in local market. However, the price will be slightly higher in this case. However, you can find a sequential list of prices by hard disk model from this website.

Disk Prices

Official Website @ Disk prices

How to use Disk Prices?

Disk Prices price comparison tool

This website is very easy to use. You can easily find hard disk or SSD by filtering according to your needs. Let’s take a look, how do you do it?

Step 1

For that first you need to login to Diskprice website. Then you will see the Amazon domain names of different countries in the upper left corner; From where you select the country of your choice. If you don’t change the country and currency from here, US dollars will be displayed as the default value. Now you will see here that the options of External HDD, Internal HDD, External SSD, M.2 SATA, M.2 NVMe, Hybrid Hard Disk, Solid State Hybrid Drive and Internal SSD. You can also search here by selecting External memory cards, such as: microSD, SD and USB Flash drives.

If you don’t change any settings here, then by default, the price of New Hard Drive and Used Hard Drive will be displayed together. In this case you can search for new or old hard disk according to your needs. If you are only looking for new storage devices, filter by unchecking the Used box and selecting New.

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Step 2

disk price filter

Here you can see the price per GB of each hard disk. In this case, you will get the cheapest hard disks at the top and gradually you will get the high-priced devices. Here you can see the price, capacity, warranty period, specification and type of that hard disk. Where, the name of Hard Disk will be displayed at the end of all. And if you want to buy or view that hard-disk from Amazon store, then click on that name; This will take you to the Amazon store for that product.

For example, here you set 100 GB Capacity to buy SSD of any capacity. Next, you can see the list of cheapest SSDs for it above. Now you select ADATA, HP, WD or your favorite brand and filter. However if you add either option, you don’t have to search anymore. In this case there will be Auto Searching.

But if you want to find the price of SSD or HDD of the same model in Bangladesh, then you can search on Google. In this case, the price in this country may be slightly higher than the Amazon price. Because, such electronic products are mainly imported from abroad.

Three Reasons to Use Disk Prices

Three Reasons to Find Hard Disk Value

We will mainly use such tools to choose the best storage device for us. As a result, we can choose the best device that suits us in less money. And the reasons for choosing it are:

  • 1. Here you will find the price list of Hard Disk, where they are priced from low to high. As a result, you can choose the most suitable hard disk for you.
  • 2. This way you can filter according to Internal and External HDD, M.2 SATA, SSD, M.2 NVMe and other hard disk.
  • 3. By default Amazon displays US prices here, which you can change to different country prices.
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last word

Hard disk or SSD is one of the electronic devices used in our daily life. And constantly we need to upgrade these two devices. And that’s why we are constantly looking for new hard disk. However, to find the best hard disk according to our needs and budget, Disk Price Comparison Tool can help you a lot.


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