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How are you all friends? Hope everyone is doing well by God’s grace. If you are asked which is the most used and most popular social media site in the world today? I am sure all of you will answer Facebook without any hesitation.

The most popular social media site in the world today is Facebook. People of all ages, all professions and all walks of life gather and visit this site.


If you have a page on this platform, then you must be worried about how to increase visitors, how to increase likes and followers on the page. So today I am going to share you some tricks in this tune, through which you can increase likes and followers on your Facebook page without any spamming. But let’s start the tune. So I request you to read today’s tune carefully.

Promoting the page through advertising

The first tip I will tell you is to boost the Facebook page through advertising. Advertising is the easiest way to grow a page in a very fast time. You can promote your page through ads on Facebook. By doing this, the number of likes and followers on your page will increase quickly. In this case, if you have a credit card, debit card, you can promote your content with that.

When you promote with your Facebook Ad, you first need to ensure that your content is quality.

By posting regularly on the Facebook page

Facebook regular post

First thing you need to do to increase likes, followers and visitors on your Facebook page is to post regularly on the page. If this seems normal to you, then you are wrong. Because nothing can be better than posting regularly. By posting regularly on a page, the impressions of that page increase rapidly. As your post reaches people quickly, your visitors will keep coming, along with the number of likes and followers will increase.

Why should I tell you to post regularly on a page? Because when you post regularly on any site or social media, then that platform will automatically deliver your posts to more people to increase your activity on that media. And then you will get likes, shares and visitors to your page. Therefore, to grow a page, it is important to post regularly.

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Schedule a time to share something on your page

The next thing is to set a time before you post. Set a time for you to share your post at which time you can post every day.

Post time

Many of us make mistakes while sharing posts. We need to keep in mind that posts should be shared when people are more active on social media or online. Post should target the target audience of the country you are in. For example, you should post at that time when people in Bangladesh are free from work or are not busy with any work. We can assume that time in Bangladesh is after the end of office hours, i.e. in the evening. In that sense, people are naturally free from six to nine in the evening. People who work or study are often free during this time. You can post at this time. This can increase the views of your post.

The reason why I told you to post when more people are active online or on social media is that if you notice, you will see that YouTube videos or posting on any other site get the most views between 9-10pm in the afternoon. Then there is a possibility of getting more likes and shares on your post during this time. Because at this time everyone goes online together.

Focus on your content quality

The next thing you need to focus on the most is your content quality. The content you write on your Facebook page must be of high quality. You will make related posts on the page of the category of your page.

Facebook quality contents

Let’s say your page is about a health topic. In this case, you have to keep in mind that any post will benefit people and it is likely to be seen more. For example, currently it is winter in Bangladesh. In this case, if you post about things to do in winter, then it is more likely to be seen. And if you post about how to avoid heat during summer, not many people will want to see it.

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You must work on the topic of that time. When posting on your page you will always try to reference the information of that post. Providing the source from which you gathered that information will make your content more palatable to visitors. When your content becomes acceptable to the audience, they will like and share your page and post.

Also, let’s say, currently the Corona situation is going on in Bangladesh. At this time, if you post about what people want to know about Corona, there is a possibility of getting more views, likes and shares. All in all, you have to post the related trading news or content on your page about which you have created your page.

If your page can gain trust from people, then whatever post you do next, likes, shares will definitely be more. But to increase the like share of a page, quality content must be posted. Only if a content contains any important information but one likes and shares that post. So always try to create quality content for your Facebook page.

If the articles you write on your page are of high quality, then those posts will get more views. You should always remember to create the kind of content you love and for the people you love. Only when you can appreciate your own goodness can you appreciate the goodness of others. In this way, you realize the likes of others and put a standard and quality post on your page, but very soon your post will get more likes, views and shares.

When you can give quality content to your visitor or to whom you want to reach your content, if you can give him quality content, quality writing and quality video, he will like your content and follow your page.

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Through keyword research for Facebook page content

Keyword research

There are a few things you need to know to increase views and likes on your Facebook page content. You need to do keyword research for that. There are various websites for doing keyword research. From there you can research that people are currently searching more about certain topics. If you try to use those keywords on Facebook, then your Facebook posts are likely to get in front of people. Then you can share anything like images, videos, text etc. on your page accordingly.

Facebook has many groups compatible with your page. You can join those groups. By going to those groups you can comment about your page. Again in those groups you can discuss that related content. When people like these contents then people can visit your page from that group.

Then you turn on Live Messenger on your Facebook page. So that if someone messages you about something, you can reply very quickly. You can also turn on instant messaging. By doing this, if someone sends a message, it will be automatically given a constructive reply. This way you can contact him later.

Finally, you should pay attention to setting all the settings of your Facebook page in a professional manner. In this case, your page will become more professional by adding the name of your Facebook page, some description about the page, contact number or email number, correct address. Besides, if you have a separate website, you can also add it to your Facebook page. You try to complete the page with all the correct profile picture cover picture of your page.

Friends, these were some tips to grow Facebook page. If you like the tune, then tell us how you liked it. But today so far, watching but in the next tune with more new things inshallah. Assalamu Alaikum.


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