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How are you all friends? I hope all are well by God’s grace. As always, I have appeared today with a great feature of Facebook. Today you will see how to find your closest Facebook friends on Google Maps.

You often travel to many places or go as needed. But what if you have to face any problem or trouble while going to those places? Also, if you don’t have any known relatives in that area, you won’t have anything to do. But if the solution to that problem is with your Facebook friends, then how about it? Surely this will be very good. But the question is how do you find your closest Facebook friends?

You have thousands of friends in your Facebook friend list. But among those thousands of friends, today I will show you how to find your closest Facebook friends. But without further ado, let’s see how you do it.

1. For this you need to go to Facebook official app first. Then click on the top menu bar from the app.

Facebook menu bar

2. Now you can see some settings here. You will find a text called ‘Nearby Friend’ as shown in the image below. You can get it slightly higher or lower. But if you find it, click here.

facebook nearby friend

3. If you go to ‘Nearby Friend’ setting, it will ask for your location permission, you can allow it here.

facebook location permission

4. Now you will see the list of your close friends. Here you can see the list of friends just like you can see the location on Google Maps. Below each friend’s name, you’ll see their location. You can also see how long it will take you to drive from here to his house.

facebook nearby friend

5. Now if you want to see those nearby friends through the map, swipe down the friends list. Now Google will display all the profile pictures of your friends on the map. As you can see below.

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facebook nearby friend map

6. This time if you want to talk to those nearby friends from your location, click on that friend’s profile picture from the map. Then that friend’s profile will be displayed in front of you. Now you can talk to him in any way you want.

maps friend contact

But in this method you will not find the exact location of your friend. Because not everyone gives correct information while setting up Facebook profile. That’s why you can’t find the exact address of your friend’s house. If you want to get the exact address of that friend of yours, you can talk to him. However, if you are in danger, you can find your close Facebook friends in this way.

So friends this was the way to find close friends on Facebook. Be sure to comment and let me know how the tune turned out. However, it will be seen later with a new tune, inshallah.


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