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You surely use different messaging applications every day. These include: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Gmail, Skype, Hangout etc. Also, you can use many other messaging services. And in using these services, you have to install those applications or you have to go to each website and see messages from them separately. But, what if you could get messages from all platforms in one app or one place? In this case, this topic will surely be very interesting for you.

In today’s tune, I will show you how you can use these multiple messaging services together.

Ways to bring multiple messaging services into one application

Multiple messaging services in one application

Naturally, if we don’t use all the messaging services, but still we use two or three messaging services. And to use these messaging services we have to open the associated app or their website. And having multiple messaging services on your device or on your computer can be really confusing and cumbersome.

And if you can’t reduce the use of any messaging services, you can bring all those platforms into one place. And that is, you can at least bring those platforms into one app and control all the accounts from within one app.

And for this work we will take the help of an open source app called Fredi. It’s a free app that lets you use multiple messaging service apps together. This app supports Gmail, Hangout Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Discord, Twitter, Rocket Chat and some other popular messaging platforms. Even if a service is not supported while using it, you can manually add it and use it as a web app within the application in a dedicated section.

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The Fredi app Franz like this Fredi is a cross platform application. And this application is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is based on Franz and is available on GitHub as an open source project. You can download this app from GitHub and integrate all messaging service apps with it.

You can also use the app in guest mode without creating an account in this app. And if you create an account here, it will sync the services you have added and bring back the information during re-login or installation. That is, if you create an account and login here, your messages will be synchronized.

And the user interface of the Fredi app is very simple. Once inside this application, you will see all the messaging services you have added on the left side and can access them from here. Here you can create a Workspaces to manage your work and personal life separately, instead of bundling all the messaging services together.


Official Download @ Ferdi – Website | Github

How to add Messaging services to Fredi application

How to add Messaging services to Fredi application

If you want to manage your services in workspaces, then first you need to create a workspaces and then you can add services to it according to your choice.

And to create workspaces, you first go to App settings and then use Your Workplaces or Workspaces from the Menu bar. And if you don’t want workspace, then you can directly add messaging services from Apps setting and then Your Services or Services option from Menu bar.

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New Service add in Ferdi app

You can choose a service from this list, search or sort by most popular. When you choose or select a service from here, it will take you to the login page for that account. And as soon as you login from here, it allows you to customize the settings of that service and then add it to the app.

Ferdi app other service add

And if the service of your choice is not there, then you can add it from the Custom Services option. And this approach is limited to web-based services only. Basically here you can add any service through URL.

Ferdi application custom messaging service add

You can set your name and photo in this application from Service settings. And with that you can configure the notifications as per your choice. If you don’t want to use a service for some time, you can disable it from the settings and enable it again whenever you need.

last word

Fredi is a very useful application for desktop. The app that saves you from repeatedly switching to different messaging services. And this application supports almost all messaging services. Even if you don’t find a Messaging Service here, there is also an option to add it manually.

At the same time, through this you get all the services together and can communicate using all the platforms from one place, which saves you some time. So, start using this app from today and share your experience by commenting below. Today I am ending this tune here. Thank you, Assalamu Alaikum.


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