Get Free International Master Card! Shop online if you wish.

Get Free International Master Card!  Shop online if you wish.

The name of the card I use to buy or pay online or pay for bills is called Payoneer Master Card.  With this card, I can access various things like online, mobile, watch, song, beauty products, etc.  Also I have to buy different software for marketing in my workplace.  Everything I do with this card.  Let’s not know about this card-

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What is Peonar’s Master Card?

Payona Master Card is a virtual bank account from the US Payment Services Department and holds US dollars.  It has been used in 25 countries of the world, including Bangladesh since 20 years.  The US Payment Services Department is offering a $ 25 free balance with each Free Payoneer Card to expand their business, but for a fixed period.

Any citizen valid for ages 5 and over can apply for this card.  But of course, keep in mind and you have a request, those who are not involved with online freelancing do not apply.  Will not gain  Do not harm the country by just bringing the card and do not ruin the reputation.  Because to load money on the card must work in some marketplace and load the money from there.  And when you load the card, the card fee will be deducted.

Anything you can use this Master Card for ???

Online shopping.

Online bill withdrawal and payment.

Withdraw money earned online.

Raise money earned on various freelancing sites.

You can use online music CDs, laptops, software, jewelry, books, various gifts, domain space and many other online shopping activities.

All other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google, Yahoo can be used to promote your organization’s advertising.

You can use it to raise money and pay bills for other popular freelancing sites, including up-to-date, freelancers.

How to raise money in Bangladesh with Payona Master Card?

The Dutch-Bangla Bank, Standard-Chartered Bank and Janata Bank in Bangladesh can withdraw money from Q-Cash ATM booths like other Master’s cards.

How to apply for a Payona Master Card?

First step:

The first thing you need to do to payoneer account is a voter ID card or passport.  Then go to our Payoneer website and click on Signup.  (For the convenience of both, the referral link is given in Signup.) After clicking on the link, the following page will appear.

From here, we need to click on Sign Up Now.  After clicking on Sign Up Now, the following page will appear.

Here we have to select the Prepaid Master Card option and click on the Sign Up option.  After clicking on the Signup option, the following Signup Form page will appear.  However, in many cases this page does not come directly to the Signup form page.  In that case, the following steps should be taken.

The sign up form should be filled in step by step passport or Voter ID card in the first name, last name, email address, re-enter email address, date of birth.  Sadia is Afreen but first name will be Sadia and Last Name will be an Afreen.  In the Email ID cell, the Email ID and Date of Birth should be placed in the Voter ID Card or Passport in the Date of Birth.  The following is an example:

Step 2:

The second step is basically the Contact Details Form.  Here also we have to fill the houses according to our passport or voter ID card.

Select the country option in Bangladesh.  Then the street address should be given in the street address according to voter ID card or passport.  Then select your city in the city.  Then you have to give your postal code and at the end of your mobile number you have to click on the Next button.

Third step:

The third step is basically about security details.  We will need to enter our email address again in the username field.  Then enter the password you want to enter in the password as you wish. In the security question, you have to select the desired question and give the answer.  Then click on the Next Button to proceed to the fourth step.

Step 4:

The fourth step is the last step of the app.  In this Almost Done option, we need to select a Government ID.  For example, passport or voter ID card.  Then, according to the passport or voter ID card, the name should be entered in the next cell.  Then the number of the document ie passport or voter ID card should be placed in the next cell and in the last cell select the country.

Then, according to the diagram, the box containing the three terms called I agree, tick the Finish Button and complete the Apply function.  However, if someone’s Shipping Address means the address where the Master Card is posted is different than the Permanent Address or if anyone wants to deliver the card to another address, he can do so by clicking on the Shipping Address If Different from Home Address option.  In this case, a form like the following image will appear.

Fill in all the cells like this image by ticking the I agree conditional boxes and clicking on the Order button to complete the last step of Apply and this will complete the Registration step.  The card will be delivered within 3-20 days after Approve application.  However, if for any reason it is too late, you should contact the Post Office.  Here is a diagram below for convenience.

Step 1 will complete if everything is fine.  Then in step 2 we need to wait for Approval.  However, the Approve program was completed very quickly.  Then Delivery and Delivery followed by Card Activation.

We can make Apply for Payoneer Mastercard very easy by following the steps above.  In Episode 2 we will see how to activate the card after it is received by hand.  So far today.  Thanks.

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