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It goes without saying that Google is currently offering the most lucrative jobs in the world. While other tech companies offer good jobs, Google’s acceptance rate is higher than any other company. Once known as a search engine, nowadays the dream of millions of young people is to work in Google.

Google has created a new form-work for hiring employees. No degree, flashy CV, cover letter or experience is needed to get a project management job at Google. Google will now hire purely based on merit and skill.

Google’s move is similar to Elon Musk’s “Two Hands Test” where top talent is screened without a degree. But Google is giving job opportunities without experience here. Google Project Management Certificate, offers an online course called Coursera that is available for free. And through this, Google has left out the traditional method of hiring employees.

Upon completion of this course, Google will assign students a project management assignment and determine qualified candidates based on work skills, not educational background or previous work experience.

Through this, Google will not only get the world’s best project manager but will also be able to form the Next Label team with the best project manager.

Google has taken steps to find the world’s best talent based on three key elements in this approach. And this formwork of Google can be adopted by any other company.

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Picking the right person from the huge audience

This free project management certification course by Google has made the project management position open to everyone. Barriers like higher education or previous experience are not present here, as a result, a qualified person can be selected from a large population.

The reality is that there are many professions that do not require a degree to work. Leaving aside the issue of degrees can make it easier for companies to find the right person. We often see that degree holders in certain subjects often excel in different subjects. This move by Google helps them get found.

Now coming to experience, there are many areas where companies have an advantage over inexperienced ones. Examples of this can be various innovative works. When a company wants to innovate something new, there is no need for experienced people on the team because there is something new to be created. A company takes the help of such a team when it wants to create something completely different from its competitors. Moreover, freshers are more likely to come out with fresh ideas. Moreover, it has been observed in many cases that newbies perform better in sales than those with 10 to 15 years of sales experience.

Emphasize skills

Google’s firmware isn’t meant to get large scale applications, it’s meant to find the right candidate for a particular rule. It will not be difficult for Google to select the best candidate from so many applications. Because as a result of this online course every candidate can publish their portfolio there.

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After the completion of the course, everyone can express their thinking, leadership style, communication skills, portfolio through the assignments that will be given to everyone. As a result, Google will have the opportunity to select the best and most efficient people very easily. All in all the course will reveal the real time performance of a person and determine whether he is really competent for the job.

And in this way, any business can screen candidates for any account very quickly. And in this way, by creating farm-work of questions, the company can also gather additional information about the candidates

Invest in staff training

Formal education system is not meant to make you eligible for any rules and prior experience in any institution by getting any degree. Every business works differently and that’s why no matter where you come from with a degree, you will need to be trained in specific areas once you enter the organization. And so recruiting through Google courses can be a great move. Here the employees will know about its rules in advance.

It is true that no other company can offer online course facilities like Google. However, they can optimize the recruitment process in the light of training and experience. They can train new employees in advance of the work they will be doing.

last word

In short, to create your own market and stay ahead of the competition, you have to do something different. Emphasis should be placed on skills and qualifications, not limited to recruitment, formal education and experience. And if this can be done, it will be possible to create a different brand in the market through new innovations.

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