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Assalamualaikum friends. how are you all Hope you are well. Because everyone is better off with TechTunes. I am also good with your prayers. I bring you yet another new tune. Title and Thumbnail of Today’s Tune Maybe you already know what today’s tune is going to be about. Today I will show you how to get your lost Facebook group back. Many of you are like that you have your own Facebook group and for some reason the city has disabled it or deleted it from the Facebook group. Now how to get your group back, you have to read my entire article to get the solution. So friends, without further ado, let’s begin.

Your Facebook group has been deleted because you may have broken the rules of Facebook or your Facebook group has become useless after a long time and later Facebook has deleted this group of yours. Now if you have many members in that group or have any important documents you will definitely need to get back from the group. That’s why I’m doing this tune today. This will let you know how you can restore your Facebook group. Stay tuned for my own procedures for this.

The whole process of bringing back a Facebook group

1. First you Click on this link.

2. Then a new page will open in front of you. From that page you can directly contact Facebook authorities. After you click on that link, you will add some information to the page that you get. For example, write the name of your group first.

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3. In the next box, write the URL of your group, that is, the link of your group.

4. In the next box you will write your application to Facebook. But you have to write this application in English. If you can’t, then definitely see the example below. If you can’t do that then put it there and edit it as needed.

For example:

Dear Facebook,
My Facebook group has been deleted. When I logged in to Facebook I got the notification.

I want to clearly ensure that my group did not violate any terms of Facebook And in terms of supporting terrorism (reason for the group has been deleted) I ensure that we did not post anything related to terrorism.

Please fix the bug/loophole as soon as possible and recover my group back to me.

Thanks, Your Name Here”

5. Take a screenshot of the text you see while opening your group and then put it in its box.

6. Then when all this is done you will send it by clicking the send button.

Then you wait for a while. Facebook authorities will review your application within three to four hours and give you the result.

So guys this was today’s tune. If you like the post, please give a like and if there are any mistakes, please correct me. I will try to correct my mistakes. Stay safe everyone and stay tuned to TechTunes. Assalamu Alaikum.


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