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Nowadays most of us use computers and smart-phones. These smart-phones or computers have numerous files or folders. These files contain important information. It can be a text, video clip, or audio clip or a picture. These often contain some data that is very important. We often want no one else to access this data or information. Then we need to make the file invisible.

So we can make any file invisible on our Windows 10 desktop. In today’s tune, I will show you how to make a file invisible on Windows 10 desktop easily. To do this one has to adopt a special trick or technique which is named Parlor Tricks.

How to Create Invisible Files

Although there are better ways to hide data or files than Invisible files, it is still not less. And this trick is pretty funny too. When creating this file or folder a name is used which is Invisible and there is no icon above this name. So if you want to create this invisible file, first move the cursor to a blank space on your desktop screen and click the right button or office button. Then select the New option from the pop-up page that opens. After that, Folder option will appear as soon as you go to New option. Now select this Folder option.

The folder will be highlighted in blue “New Folder” on your screen so you can change it.

When you go to rename the folder, press and hold the Alt key and type 255 on the numeric keypad and release the Alt key as you type. Then press Enter Key. In this case, you must pay attention to one thing, and that is you must press 255 on the numeric keyboard, that is, the number keys at the top of the English alphabet on your keyboard are not at all. What you are doing is basically a special type of code called ASCII. It names the folder with an invisible and non-breaking space character that is not visible in Windows Explorer by default.

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Now the name has become invisible but the folder is visible again. So the folder icon needs to be changed. To change this, right-click the folder or the Office button and click the “Properties” option.

Then select the “Customize” tab from the top right side of the page that opens. And then click on “Change icon” to change the folder icon from there.

Then on the “Change Icon for Folder” pop-up page, scroll right to select the Invisible icon and then click “Ok”.

Then you have to click another OK button to close the pop-up page.

Now your folder icon has vanished. That is, you will not find the folder anywhere.

But not finding the folder is not the case. If you drag your mouse cursor with too much screen space to select multiple icons, you’ll still find the folder on your desktop. However, it will always be Invisible. The folder will be invisible on the Windows desktop and will remain so if you put any files inside it. Explorer usually always displays the previous appearance of a file icon.

If you want to create another Invisible folder, follow the same process. But you have to type invisible character multiple times. Because we know that no two folders are created with the same name. So after pressing Alt+255 you have to press Alt+255 again. It will continue to grow according to the number of folders. Since two folders cannot have the same name, two spaces must be created.

You need to follow the same process to create three or more Invisible folders. That is, each time the number of invisible spaces in the folder name must be increased.

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This type of folder is not very secure

It is quite clear that this method is not very secure. A clever computer user can easily find these files. It can also be accidentally discovered by someone else while using the desktop. You can use this method if you want to hide something for a very short time or temporarily. You can also use this method if you want to have some fun with someone.

Also, if you really want to secure a file or hide a confidential file, you need to encrypt the files. The way we make the folder invisible is not an official Windows feature. So it is likely to have Bugs which means you may find Bugs in it sometimes.

The bug is something like this, sometimes the file or folder doesn’t disappear completely i.e., the file or folder is displayed as a dark or blurred line. This may be related to icon size. That is, if the size of the icon is a little smaller, then it may be black. If you want to fix it, first press the Ctrl key on the keyboard and scroll the mouse scroll wheel to increase the size of the icon a little. Scroll the scroll wheel until the black folder becomes invisible.

Also if you have any other kind of problem, then remove the data inside that folder and keep it somewhere else. And then delete the Invisible file. You can also try to restore the folder to its normal state.

How to make folder visible again

You can make the folder visible by following exactly the same process. For this, place the cursor on the invisible folder and click the right button or the Office button. Then tap on “Properties” and select the Customize tab. After that go again to Change icon and select a Visible icon from there. And if you want to change the name, click the right button again. From there click on “Rename” option. Then change the name as desired. That is, type the folder name and press enter.

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last word

So guys, this was today’s tune. Hope you like it. If you like it then definitely give it a joss. If you have any comments about the tune, please comment. Follow me if you want to see my tunes first and send me a friend request if you have anything to say with me. See you in the next tune. Until then stay healthy, stay well. Take care of yourself and others. Allah is Hafez.


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