How to Dark Mode your Facebook app Techtunes


Assalamualaikum friends. how are you all Hope you are well. I am also good with your prayers. I bring you another new tune from Techtunes new trust tuner. This tune is going to be about a Facebook trick. All of you probably have the Facebook app on your mobile. Or if for some reason you have downloaded it. Your Facebook apps are usually not in dark mode i.e. they have a white color theme. But many people want to make this theme black for the sake of beauty i.e. keep it in dark mode.

So friends who want to keep their Facebook app in dark mode, they may have searched various places but did not find any clear article about it. But I will show you the whole process in this article how you can put your Facebook app in dark mode. So friends without further ado let’s get started. Before that, let’s say that everyone will read the entire tune with patience. Otherwise, you will not understand. Then don’t treat me like crap. So read the whole tune carefully and if you have any problem to understand, then Tument me, I will definitely try to answer your every Tument. Friends, I have talked a lot, let’s start.

Full process to dark mode Facebook app

1. First you open the Facebook app on your phone. You can open the Facebook website if you want. But as most of us know about facebook app and use facebook app so first of all you open your facebook app.

2. After opening the Facebook app, you will see a three dot option (menu button) on the top of your Facebook page. It will basically be on the top right side of your Facebook page. There you click first.

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3. Then a new page will open in front of you. From there you will come down and see it says Settings & Privacy.

4. After clicking there, another new page will open in front of you. From there you will scroll down and you will see Dark Mode. Click on the Dark Mode text.

5. After clicking on dark mode, a new page will open in front of you. It will be written on and below it will be written off. By default you will have the Off option ticked there. You will first uncheck off and check on.

By looking at the above image, you have understood how to do the work. Then your Facebook app is in dark mode.

Now you can remove dark mode from your phone again if you wish.

So friends you may have understood how you can convert your phone’s Facebook app to dark mode. However, if there is any problem for you, then definitely contact me and I will explain to you.

So friends I am ending today’s tune here. If you like it then definitely give the tune a like and share it with your friends. Stay safe everyone and stay tuned to TechTunes. Assalamu Alaikum.


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