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Friends hope everyone is well. You get many followers and friends while using Facebook every day. Sometimes these followers and friends may not like it. That’s why they need to be deleted from the follower list all together. So today I will show you how to delete multiple followers and friends from your follower list at once.

How to delete many followers and friends at once?

To delete from Facebook follower list you need to go to Facebook app.

1. Now go to Security and Login from Facebook settings.

Facebook settings

2. After coming down you will see “If you think account was hacked” click here. It should be noted that there is nothing to be afraid of seeing hacked text here. You can safely click here.

facebook security and login

3. Then select any option from here. I selected “I don’t see the right option on this list” below. Now click on Continue below.

Account security

4. Now click on “Get Started”. Then it will take a while to load and take you to a new page.

account review

5. Then you will see “Friends & Followers” Click here.

friend & follower delete

6. This will bring you to the page to delete your followers. Now tick the ones you want to delete. And click on “Remove” button below. Since I want to remove one, I ticked one and pressed the remove button. That’s why I’m showing “1 friend deleted”. You can delete as many followers and friends as you want.

Note that here you will find all your followers and remove them from here. But you may not find all your friends here. If you want to delete any of your friends from the friends list, you have to delete them individually.

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remove facebook followers

To delete a friend

1. To delete friends you need to return to your profile. Then go to your friends list. Now you need to go to the profile of the friend you want to leave.

2. Now click on the friend icon and click on Unfriend below. After confirming, that friend will be deleted from your friend list. This way you can delete friends one by one. However, to delete followers, you can delete multiple followers at once from your follower list as shown above.

facebook friend delete

Friends this was a small tune to delete facebook follower list and friend list together. Hope you like this tune very much. And if you like it, then definitely click on the tune. If you find it difficult to understand any part of the tune, you must tell the tune. Thanks for reading the full tune carefully.


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