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Like making videos on YouTube, now you can make videos from Facebook and make income. Also unlimited. Surprised to hear what happened!? No wonder. This is a new feature of Facebook.

Facebook has officially launched the earning process. I will discuss the entire process of Facebook page monetization and income in today’s tune. Because many of you do not know about this matter, because Facebook did not have this rule long ago. But Facebook later introduced it. So that you can earn by creating a Facebook page. So friends, without further ado, let’s begin.

Friends, I am the new trusted tuner of Techtunes, I am with you. I’m going to start another one of my tunes. If you like it then give a like and share it with your friends and those who will be benefited will definitely comment. So now we know through which process we can earn from Facebook page.

How to earn from Facebook page?

I have already said a few days ago but Facebook did not have this earning process. But they turned it on. This is basically the process of earning from Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page then you can earn through this process. If you do not have a Facebook page, you must create it later. But yes first read this tune with patience.

The way to earn from Facebook page is called Facebook page monetization or ads breaks. It’s basically the same as YouTube. Just like we upload videos on YouTube and we get views on videos and when ads are clicked, we get income from that, so Facebook also has this system.

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If YouTube channel monetization, before watching YouTube channel video, ad is activated on that video. Likewise, if you can monetize your Facebook page, Facebook will automatically show ads in your videos and your income will be when people view the ad or click on the ad. Anyone can earn by creating a Facebook page. But there are some conditions for this.

Our YouTube channel is monetized first to earn from YouTube. And the conditions of this monetization are:

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 hours watch time

These are the conditions for monetization from YouTube. Similarly, there are conditions for monetizing the Facebook page. But it is much easier than YouTube channel. 4000 hours watch time for youtube channel is very difficult. If any of your videos are not viral or your channel is not ranking then your channel will never be monetized, or if it is the case that views are not getting monetized then you will not be able to earn good income.

Because it will be very late to rank your YouTube channel but it is completely different in case of Facebook. There are some terms for this but they are much simpler than YouTube. Now we know what are the conditions for Facebook page monetization.

Facebook Page Monetization Terms

  • You must have your own Facebook page;
  • Your Facebook page videos must have a minimum of 30,000 views in the last two months. In this case, if the viewers have a watch time of one minute in any videos, then this view count will be;
  • Each video must be a minimum of three minutes;
  • Facebook has defined some languages ​​and settings for Facebook page monetization, but the good news is that Bangladesh has a place in it, that is, you can monetize Facebook pages from Bangladesh or India, and you can create Facebook pages in any language of your own from Bangladesh or India;
  • Each video must comply with Facebook’s copyright policy;
  • Every video on the Facebook page must comply with Facebook’s rules;
  • Must have 10,000 likes or followers;
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So we know what rules we need to follow to monetize Facebook page. Now if you have a Facebook page then you try to fulfill the above qualifications and once those qualifications are fulfilled you contact Facebook directly.

I told you how to contact Facebook directly in one of my previous tunes. That is, I have shown in this tune “How to restore a deleted Facebook group”. If your Facebook page is eligible for monetization then you can contact Facebook authorities.

If your page is eligible for monetization then Facebook authorities will turn on monetization of your Facebook page and show their ads on your Facebook page video. You can withdraw this money through your bank transfer.

But there is a problem with this and that problem is that you will get only 55 percent of your income and Facebook will get the remaining 45 percent.

If you need any tune on how to get this money and how to apply then definitely pm me I will try to write one on this.

You already know how you can earn by making videos from Facebook page. So those who haven’t made a Facebook page yet must make a Facebook page and keep earning by uploading videos on the Facebook page. But the biggest rule they have is that videos cannot be copied from anywhere. The video must be entirely your own and must follow Facebook’s policies. Video must be made in accordance with all the rules of Facebook.

So friends, I hope you like this tune. If you like then give a like because I wrote the tune very hard, collected information from many places and for a long time. So if you like the tune then definitely give a like and make a nice comment so that our writing will increase and if you have any question about it then definitely comment me and I will try to answer each of you.

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Stay safe everyone, stay healthy and stay tuned to TechTunes. Assalamu Alaikum.


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