How to find the latest ads you have seen on Facebook Techtunes


How are you all friends? Hope everyone is doing well by God’s grace. All of us use Facebook more or less. When we go to Facebook, different types of advertisements come in front of us. Some of which we need and some of which we don’t. However, among these advertisements, all advertisements are not unnecessary.

Advertising is the main source of income from digital platforms. Various companies or organizations advertise on digital platforms to promote their products or services. And those platforms show the ads according to the users according to their preferences. That’s why we see the ads we need on Facebook, YouTube and other websites.

But when we use Facebook many ads come to our homepage. We do not need any advertising in these. Then we saw that ad for a while and continued to browse Facebook. But what do you do if you suddenly think that you will need that ad later or you need it now? Then you’ll naturally go to the top of the browser to find that ad. But it turned out that your browser had refreshed and new ads came out. The ad you saw is no longer on the homepage.

But you have no reason to worry. Today I’ll show you how to see the ads you were active on later while browsing Facebook. But let’s take a look at how you do it?

You are not told which ads will be saved in your activity before the ads you were active in are shown. For example, you see a Facebook ad below. If you read their terms in detail by clicking ‘See More’ on this ad, this will be your activity on that ad. Besides, if you click ‘Apply Now’ below, that will also be your activity.

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facebook ad

1. If you want to save the ad from here, click on the three dots above as shown below. I didn’t do today’s tune to show this method though. Because you all can save important videos or ads. Still, it will benefit those who can’t.

You can follow below method to save important advertisement for lifetime. You can see the detailed discussion below to know the latest ad activity.

2. To save the ad you will see a text called Save post above. You click on it. Then your previous collections will show here. If you want to add it to a new category, click on the ‘New Collection’ text above.

3. Then you will see exactly like this. Above will be ‘Collection name’. Enter the name you want to create the playlist here. Then enter either Friend or Only me below. I am giving ‘Only me’ here. As a result of which my saved ads will not be seen by any of my friends.

4. Then click on ‘Create’ text below and save that category.

Now you are done adding your add. Now you can save the ad in the Ad category to save it later.

But now let’s see how you can see the activities of your latest add

You must click on that ad to see the ad activity. If you view an ad on Facebook and read it, that ad will be saved in your ‘Ad Activity’. Which you can see later through the method shown below.

1. For that you have to go to the Facebook official app on your mobile. Then if you click on the menu bar above, you will see the text ‘See More’ below. You click here.

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facebook see more

2. Then you will find ‘Recent Ad Activity’ here. Now you go here.

Facebook ad activity

3. Now the latest ad activities will come in front of you. All the add-ons you clicked will be found here.

Then you can choose your required ad from here.

Facebook ad activity show

4. This time if you want to see all the adds that you have saved in the playlist or collection together, you can do it if you want. That’s why you will see ‘Saved’ written on the upper right side. You can see all the saved adds so far by clicking here. You no longer have to check the Collection to find ads.

facebook ad saved

5. Note that if you click on the menu bar from the Facebook app and go to ‘Recent Ad Activity’ from ‘See More’, then you don’t have to go to Recent Ad Activity from See More. If you click on the top menu bar, you will see Recent Ad Activity below. By clicking on which you will then see the latest ad activity.

recent ad activity

Guys, this was today’s tune about Facebook ad activity. So that’s it for today, see you in the next tune with something new inshallah. Assalamu Alaikum.


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