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Assalamu Alaikum. How are you all friends? Hope you all are doing much better by God’s grace. In the continuation of bringing you regular tunes, today I have brought you a new tune.

Nowadays, it is impossible to find a person who does not use Facebook. Nowadays almost everyone uses Facebook. In many cases, it is seen that some spend most of the day on Facebook. To many, Facebook means the Internet and the Internet means Facebook. In other words, they spend most of the day on Facebook.

Facebook is a social media. We made many friendships while spending time on Facebook like this. Because to see each other’s post on Facebook, you must create friendship and you need to be friends with him to communicate using Facebook. And in this way, many friendships are made on our Facebook. But as a result of making new friends in this way, many of our unknown friends also join us. the

When a stranger befriends us on Facebook, we can no longer find our close friends. And in this case we need to leave all the unknown friends and keep the friends we need in the friend list. And that’s why we are thinking that how can I unfriend that friend or this unknown friend from Facebook account. What is the point of keeping an unknown or unnecessary friend in our friendship list. Friends, so in today’s tune I am going to teach you about that.

How to unfriend unnecessary Facebook friends

It is necessary to delete irrelevant or unknown friends from your friend list only when they are of no use to us or our friendship list becomes too long. The process of unfriending a friend from your Facebook profile is very easy. Although it seems easy for those who know, it is difficult for those who do not know yet. But no problem, if you can’t unfriend your friends from Facebook, you can check it through today’s tune. That’s why you must watch the entire tune carefully.

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1. For that first you have to go to Facebook app on your mobile and from there you have to go to your profile. To go to Facebook profile you need to click on the menu bar at the top of the app and then click on your profile as shown in the second image below; As you can see in figure two below.

2. This will bring you to your profile and from here you have to select any one friend, the friend you want to remove. You can select a friend from your profile to unfriend them or otherwise go to their profile from anywhere. Anyway, I’m selecting one of my friends to show you, whom I will remove from my friendlist.

3. Now come to that person’s profile and you will see a three dot icon on the right side; Now you click here. Then a page like the second image below will appear in front of you; Now from here you have to click to write Friend. I have presented the two settings mentioned here through the figure below. You can access those settings from here.

4. From here, after clicking on Friend, you will see a page like the first image below and here you will get the option to Unfriend. Now here in the first image below you will click on the Unfriend text shown by the arrow. After that, you have to click on Confirm as shown in the image below; And then that friend will be deleted from your friends list forever.

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5. After unfriending that friend, if you go to his profile, you will see Add friend written again to be friends with him again. Next time if you want to be friends with him again, you can send him a friend request again.

Friends, this is basically how you can easily remove a friend from your friends list. If the friendship list on your profile becomes too long and if any unnecessary or unknown friends are added to your friendship list unknowingly, then you can unfriend them again in this way. And in this way you will not have to see extra and unnecessary friends from your friends list.

Friends, hope you like today’s tune. If you really like the tune, give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Come today, Assalamu Alaikum.


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