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Hello techtunes community members, how are you all? Hope you are well. As always, today I have brought a beautiful tune. Hope you like it. So let’s read today’s tune. Do you know what Peeps are? What are the uses of these peeps and where can they be found? No need to worry. I will end today’s tune by discussing this.

Peeps are basically human digital images or pictures which can be like cartoons or normal people or some kind of sketch. Peeps shows through hand-drawn illustrations what a person’s expression would be like if they were a doctor, what their expression would be like if they were a teacher, what their expression would be like if they were a student. Peeps are unique sketches of unique characters with different personalities.

In today’s digital world, various types of avatars are needed everywhere. Pips images are used in these places. These illustration peeps can also be seen in various videos on YouTube. Today we will learn about Open Peeps, a great website that allows you to create free hand drawn illustrations.

Open Peeps

Open Peeps is a great website that allows you to create free hand drawn illustrations. Before we get into that topic today, we’ll learn about another vector art gallery that does a quick Peeps search first and then recommends resources later. And it’s understood that this platform lacks much of a hand-drawn illustration and distinctive style.

And after thinking about the website, it turns out that Open Peeps and Open Doodles are actually from the same illustrator. There is another large art gallery, which has more than 1.5 lakh vector art illustrations. However, this illustration website is not like the other two mentioned above. But in this case, the feelings of going to the past, i.e. going to the material library of ten to twenty years ago, come.

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“Open Peeps” of this tune is basically a free website with hand-drawn illustrations ie a vector gallery. And this website is mainly based on character. The specialty of this website is that it is actually a systematic graffiti that can be mixed and matched between characters to bring about changes in the character. And with the vector graphics modules of this website, you can quickly change the arms, legs and facial expressions of the human body. Clothing, hairstyles and accessories can be changed to create unique character personalities with different facial expressions.

Open Peeps basically presents the styles of three main characters. Like – half length character, standing character and sitting character etc. And they are basically made in the same manner. You can freely use these illustrations or images for marketing, for comics books, for products, for user processes and context feeds, etc. These sets of illustrations are licensed in such a way that a user may copy, modify, distribute and remix and combine the activities of this website to create illustrations etc. without permission. And you can use the illustrations for commercial purposes as well. According to calculations, a total of 584688 combinations of illustrations can be created using Open Peeps.

Open Peeps

Official Website @ Open Peeps

How to use

We need to know how to use this website if we want to use the peeps or illustrations properly. This is a very nice website and very simple in nature. The ways to use this website are presented below step by step.


First, open the Open Peeps website. If you are accessing the website via mobile, click on Use with Blush. Then you can see the design made with hand drawn illustrations. And when accessing the website through a computer, you first need to scroll down to the bottom of the webpage. Scroll down to see some ready-made character patterns. Here you will see two options one is PNG and another is SVG.

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Downloading in either of the two different formats is a bit interesting. The format can be useful for friends who need an illustration for a temporary period. In addition to the usually half-length illustrations, there are also illustrations in sitting and standing positions, produced in approximately three different styles. Of course there is also a kind of consistency in their style.


A man named Pablo Stanley designed the set of hand-drawn illustrations. It comes from the same designer as already suggested. This pattern is released under CCo authorization and may be used for personal or commercial purposes.


After clicking on the download option, a check-out page of the online shopping cart will pop up. An option like “Set a fair price” will appear on the top right. That is, asking to set a fair price. If you like the illustration, you can pay the illustrator for the illustration. Here, of course Open Peeps is a free website and the illustrations here are also free so select $0 as the price. Then download the illustration. Add the illustrations to the shopping cart and follow the instructions to enter the email to receive the download link.


Add the illustrations to the shopping cart and get download links in various formats. After doing all this, the links to download the illustration in various formats can be found on the Open Peeps website. Open Peeps Sketch provides a suitable format for creating software that supports Figma, Studio and XD. You can change different parts of the body like arms, legs, gestures, clothes and hairstyles very quickly through the software to create a unique character. If you want to use the character illustrations you created, download the zip format of the illustration and decompress it to SVG or PNG format.

Try to create illustrations for three reasons

Many of us may have a question in our minds that we should make illustrations or pictures but why? Why should we use this Open Peeps? I will tell you three points related to these questions in this tune. So let’s find out why we create illustrations.

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The Open Peeps website is completely free

There is no need to pay to create illustrations through the Open Peeps website and they can be used freely for personal and commercial purposes. As a result, you can earn money by using it in commercial work. For example – you can earn money by uploading the images created using these peeps.

Character parts can be changed quickly

Using the Open Peeps website you can quickly change parts of a unique character such as arms, hands, legs, clothes and hairstyles, and this website supports Sketch, Figma, Studio and XD for quick changes of parts. As a result, you can easily create unique illustrations. And you can use them in various places of the digital world.

You can download illustrations in two common formats

You will be given two options while downloading illustrations from this website. One is PNG format and another is SVG format. You can choose to download the illustration in either of the two formats or download the illustration in both formats. With the download facility, you can enjoy the illustrations digitally as well as print-out.

So guys, this was today’s tune. Hope you understand. If you like it then definitely give it a joss. Follow me if you want to see my tunes first. If you have any comments about the tune, please comment. Looking forward to the next tune. Until then stay well, stay healthy. Allah-Hafez.


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