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In this modern era, the importance of increasing productivity and work efficiency is immense. There are many ways to increase productivity and work skills. So, one of the best ways to improve work efficiency is to remember various essential shortcut keys. Today I will share with you several tools that contain shortcut keys and will introduce you to them today InshaAllah.

One of these tools is UseTheKeyboard, which indexes Windows and macOS software and network service shortcut keys, or, which lists application shortcuts commonly used by designers.

But the most important thing is that remembering these shortcut keys is not as simple as you think. But there are several tricks to remember very common activities that very few people may know. For example, on the iPhone 11 screen, swiping down to the right and left can quickly switch apps.

So now the question may arise in your mind that what are these shortcuts or where are the techniques taught? So there is no need to take tension. Today I am going to share with you about a great and best website, where these skills or shortcut keys are taught in video or text form. Below is the website name and link and some discussion about the website.

A very nice and basically foreign website is This website contains several common shortcut keys, which users are not familiar with and several tips that users can learn to improve their skills. For example, when you enter the Gmail application, you can see your Gmail account with your Gmail profile pic on the right side of the search bar. Now, if you have multiple Gmail accounts here and you want to switch them, swipe down from the top of the profile pic.

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As a result your Gmail account will change very quickly. Google Docs also uses the .new domain name to quickly add documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. And such tips make the workflow smoother. Two new tips are added to this website every week. If you want, you can add email to this website. As a result, you will receive notifications of new tips being added via email.

But this website has English language only. Tips and tricks are not too much. But sometimes you may not understand some instructions. You can take help of Google translation or other translation software in these cases.

Official Website @

Learn tips and tricks

The website has several useful tips and tricks. They are very small but useful. There are also numerous shortcut keys to smooth various activities. You can learn them easily if you want. I am going to describe them to you in a few steps. Let’s see the steps.


Entering the website, if you scroll down a bit, you can see the latest uploaded tips or shortcut keys. Here you can see various software related shortcut keys apart from macOs, Google, Windows, Chrome and Safari. Also click on “Free full library” if you want to see some secrets of common mobile phone applications. Just like the screenshot above. Here you can see the complete content of the website.


I have mentioned this point in this thread a while ago, that you can quickly switch Gmail accounts by swiping from within the Gmail app. Most people don’t know this trick. Like- I didn’t know this trick myself. website will show you the actual operation through video. That is, every tip is very clearly marked on this website. There are applicable platforms and practical methods so everyone can easily learn these tips or shortcut keys. Also this website includes nice screenshot shortcut keys with shadow effect of macOS. However, I think many of you probably know how to use them.

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Step-3 can only do the above mentioned tasks. More than that, there is nothing special about this website. But the specialty is enough. If you want more functions, you can use the shortcut keys to open the Productivity menu, enter instructions to use filters, quickly tweet, recommend tips to friends and send functions to friends, etc. However, you can navigate or browse the various contents of this website using the mouse. Note that the tips on this website are also shown through videos.


If you want to increase your productivity, you need to learn these functions. And if you want to learn them, you can subscribe to by adding email to the homepage. Two new tips are added every week, so pay attention and learn two tips. Since the tips are shown in very short time, there is no chance of wasting much time. Become an expert in less time.

Use this website for three reasons

You may say that why should we use this website or what are the benefits of this website? So I am clearly telling you why we use this website. So let’s find out.

1. Shortcut keys and tips for learning

Different types of software have different types of tips and different types of shortcut keys. Activities can be completed very easily if you use them. Shortcut keys and tips that make operations smooth are included in this website. So we will use this website.

2. Description of various techniques

This website includes several applicable platforms, secret techniques and practical methods. Also many more things are shared on this website. By learning these, we will use this website to make ourselves proficient in the digital world.

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3. Two new tricks every week

At least two tips are uploaded on this website every week. Which are not very long but they are absolutely useful. So if you want to learn these tips to make yourself efficient, you have to use this website. And if you want to receive notification of these tips, then add an email to this website. As a result you will get subscription to this website. As a result you will get notification of every new tips upload. And the notification will actually learn the tips.

So guys, that was today’s short cool tune. Hope you like it. Give a joss if you want to see more tunes. If you have any comments related to the tune, please comment. Stay well, stay healthy. See you in the next tune. I am leaving here today. Allah-Hafez.


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