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Sometimes we need to download different icons. Especially, when we add icons to a website or app. And in this case, we have to find icons from different websites. But, all those icons may not be of high resolution or we cannot find all the icons together. In this case, we need a functional website, from where we can easily get these icons together.

Unicons is an icon library where you will find more than 4500 collections. Here you will find a variety of designs of all different styles. And among these, such as: Brand logo, Business, Conversation logo, Cloud Service, Multimedia, Medicine, Security and Shopping etc. All icons. You will also find many more content icons here. And to get an idea about them you must visit this website.

Various icon download websites

Unicons is a website that has a set of well-designed icons. It provides users with Vector graphics format SVG files to download those fonts or icons and can be used in its web fonts as well. And you can use these icon sets in any of your development projects or applications.

However, let us tell you one more thing here that Unicons only allows “Line” style icons to be downloaded for free. Other similar style designs can also be downloaded for free, but most of them are for premium users. And to download these design icons you need to upgrade to premium account from Iconscout with money.

This icon library is released under the Apache 2.0 license, and when you use them, you must link to the original website.

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If you are interested, Unicons is also an open source project. As a result, you can find a complete set of illustration factor files from GitHub and you can also get the set of icons from the Unicons website.

Now let’s know how to use this website and how to download these things from here.


Official Website @ Unicons

How to use Unicons website?

Unicons website to download free web icons

Like other websites you can browse Unicons website normally very easily. Once you enter the website, you will see a huge set of icons. However, out of these, you can download and use only the “Line” category icons for free.

Step 1

For this, first open the Unicons website and launch the Explorer of your choice. On entering the website, you will see many icons. And if you look at the top right corner of the website, you’ll see four different partan icon libraries. And if you browse them, you will see that you can download only Line category icons for free. And to download the icons of the rest of the categories, you need to take a premium subscription.

Unicons icon explorer

However, if the free icons satisfy your needs, then there is no need to purchase a premium subscription.

Step 2

And here you will see a huge category list on the left side of the website. And from here you can easily find the required icon by browsing the specific category. Also, you can also use the search box above to do this task more quickly.

Unicons website category

Step 3

Come here and browse all the materials you need. And if you click on any icon here, you will see a big preview of it on the right side. Here you will find a button to download the SVG vector image, in addition to changing the color of the icon or icons. And from here you can download them.

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Free SVG vector images download

Click the SVG button to download an Icon vector format from here. Also, to load the web font in the specified pattern, below is the code; Which can be copied very easily and quickly.

Step 4

If you want to download the full set of icons here, you need to create an account on it. And you can also login here with google or facebook account. For this you will not need additional verification.

Create account on iconscout website

After you download and decompress the icon bundles from here, you will find more than 1200 icon patterns here. When you use them, be sure to cite the source. And Iconscout provides quick copy and use codes for these elements.

Step 5

And if you choose Monochrome, Solid or Thin style patterns, then after clicking on these icons you will see a crown icon on the right side. Which means, to download or unlock these icons, you need to become a premium member by paying on the Iconscout website.

Iconscout website premium icon download

Step 6

You go back to Unicons as the way to use all the last web fonts, and from the homepage “Start UsingClick on “. You will see a web page like below. Now you add this source code to your web page and then link those font codes to the page. You can load icon patterns in a specific location (find Font code To get, read the Unicons icon list), which is also a quick and efficient application method.

Three reasons to use the Iconscout website:

  1. Here you will find a collection of 4500 beautifully designed icons from more than 20 categories.
  2. It provides vector graphics for you to download in SVG format and can be embedded into Fonts for use.
  3. You can use many icons from here for free. However, when using for free, the source must be identified.
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Hope this website will be useful for your various projects. Thank you, Assalamu Alaikum.


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