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Nowadays advertising is completely dependent on data. Often, most of the data we receive comes from browsers. no With the help of the “Facebook Conversion API” tool, you can collect detailed, accurate information about how to advertise your business on Facebook while hiding the information customers need. Check out the detailed guide on how to use Facebook Conversion API in Digital Marketing. So let’s learn more about Facebook Conversion API.

What is Facebook Conversion API?

“Facebook Conversion API” was formerly known as “Server-Side API” and is designed to maintain the privacy of data your business needs while promoting your business or services or products to customers and visitors. And all of this is done without relying on browser-based tools, such as cookies.

Facebook Conversion API sounds a lot like Facebook Pixel. Through the Facebook Conversion API, the “Conversion API” helps advertisers send web events directly to Facebook from their own servers. Server events are linked to pixels and work the same as browser pixel events. This means that server events are used in measurement, reporting and optimization in the same way as browser pixel events.

Why is Facebook Conversion API Important in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing “Facebook Conversion API” will not show you Facebook profile or confidential information of your customers. With this tool, you can collect detailed, accurate information about how to advertise your business on Facebook while keeping the information customers need confidential. So let’s see why Facebook Conversion API is important

1. Data Accuracy

In digital marketing, data sharing is done through servers rather than browsers. When data is shared by the browser in the case of the Facebook Pixel, there is a possibility of data loss due to ad blockers or browser crashes. Data is shared across servers to avoid data loss.

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2. Data Control

The “Conversion API” gives advertisers the ability to control what data they can share and when they can share it. “Conversion API” is much better than Pixel because it allows data control and sharing events in real-time.

3. Better Insights

Application Program Interface(API), Facebook tracks more user conversions and data than pixels. This enables advertisers to effectively optimize budget and bidding for their audience.

4. Better Insights

Since Facebook uses the Conversion API, server-side tracking, the server handles all tracking tasks for the browser for free. It makes website pages load faster and prevents errors that occur during tracking. Which is usually seen through browser-side tracking.

How to learn Facebook conversion API?

Setting up and using “Facebook Conversion API” is a function or tools worth your time and business advertising promotion. So let’s take a look at how to learn the Facebook Conversion API process.

  • 1. First, you need to setup Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Pixel.
  • 2. Domain must be verified with Facebook.
  • 3. Facebook Conversion API needs to be setup.
  • 4. Go to “Connect Your Account” on Facebook and setup the event
  • 5. After setting up the event you need to configure the event.
  • 6. After adding the conversion api and event you should see if everything is working properly.
  • 7. You can then start using your Conversion API Add.


Must have knowledge of Facebook Conversion API along with other tools for digital marketing. For any small business website start-up you can set up Facebook Conversions API according to proper guidelines and connect it to your website. What you do with it from there is up to you and your future plans.


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