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Nowadays virtual world is expanding in almost all fields. In the field of education, the spread of the virtual world has been relatively little. As a result, numerous modern educational platforms have been created. That is, this age is like the age of digital classroom. But we must admit that in today’s age of internet and technology, it is very important to have a virtual space for teachers, students and their support people. Google has created such a virtual space and named the application Google Classroom. Today we will learn about Google Classroom through this tune.

Google Classroom

Google created a virtual space on October 12, 2014 and called it Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a virtual space or central friendly hub that provides class-work related facilities for education. Its purpose is to spread education or right knowledge more quickly over long distances.

Google Classroom

Official Website @ Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a full-use web app

Educational Market has many types of web apps. Among them, several apps are also functional. But Google has brought their best app Google Classroom to the educational market. This app is not the best file sharing and document creation app at all. Because the best apps for file sharing and document creation are already in the market. For example, Google Drive and Google Docs. Their function is to share files and create documents.

However, Google Classroom is not suitable for online meetings. There are already effective applications in the market for creating gatherings or congregations. And that is Google Hangouts Meet. Now maybe you must have a question in your mind, then what is the function of Google Classroom? So let’s know about Google classroom tasks.

The Google Classroom app can create and share assignments, quizzes, and announcements. Also activities like grading, class organization and class management can be managed through the interface of this app. That is, the way a teacher takes classes in real classrooms, this app is made with the thought of taking classes.

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Students use intuitive tools to keep track of specific dates and upcoming classes or activities. These tools are basically a social application or software. It can be any other communication medium apart from Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Imo etc. Students can discuss with classmates or teachers about the topic that will be or has been studied. And they themselves can share their thoughts, projects and content. The platform can also include parents, guardians or anyone monitoring the student’s studies, who will provide a summary of the student’s activities.

Kindergarteners can use Google Classroom to share their projects. This Google Classroom is very useful for high school students during the Corona virus period. However, mature students want a suitable application to manage their class-work digitally. And this Google Classroom can fulfill this need.

Google Classroom is free for students and individuals

We probably know that tools like Google-mail or Gmail and Google Drive are free to use. That is, there is no need to pay any kind of money to take the services of these applications. As many of us may know, G Suite provides the best email hosting services. This G Suite is basically a web application that is involved with various management of Google. That is, it is basically an enterprise subscription product that integrates various tools for schools or any other non-profit organization in addition to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classroom, etc.

If you’re part of a school or a non-profit organization, you get free access to G Suite. You also get free access to Google Classroom as an individual. Besides, if other profitable organizations want to take G Suite service, then they have to pay.

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Google has made it clear to you that this app will not sell your information for advertising purposes or display ads for revenue from your information. So it is understood that the application is very safe to use. So if necessary, definitely use the Google Classroom application.

How to use Google Classroom

You can use Google Classroom yourself if you want. But for that you must know the rules or procedures of using Google Classroom. So, to use Google Classroom first you need to open its website link through any browser. I have given the link of Google Classroom website above, from there you can enter.

In this case, you will first need a Gmail account. Because we need to sign in to use this platform. So, if you don’t have a Google account then create a Google account. Then we will login to the website using Google account.

If you want to create a classroom yourself, click the plus (+) sign at the top right of the website’s home page.

Then click on “Create Class”.

The next pop up page will give you some information and an option to agree to a question. Tick ​​there.

Then another pop up page will open, where class name, section name, subject name and room number have to be given. Just like the screenshot below.

After that the real home page will come. From here if you want to invite students or teachers to join the class, you need to click on the People tab.

To send an invite via email, click the invite icon to the right of Students or Teachers.

You can also read the class code through the option at the bottom of this webpage if you want.

On the other hand, if you want to join the class as a student, you have to wait for the class code or ask the teacher. The teacher can give you the code via Gmail, email or social media. If you get the code, click the plus (+) icon on the top right of the website home page.

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Then click on “Join Class”.

Enter the class code in the class code option as shown in the screenshot below.

Enter the class code and click next option to enjoy the class and find the assignments given by the class. Can ask questions and discuss. You can access this website through any browser or access Google Classroom through the app for Android, iPhone or iPad. If you are an Android user, you can also use the app on Play Store. Below is the direct link to download the app from Play Store.

Google Classroom

Official Download @ Google Classroom


You can use Google Classroom anywhere, on any device, at any time. Using it you can create and share class questions, assignments and feedback etc. Since this software or application is free, you can use it for various good purposes.

Students in quarantine of Covid-19 or geographically dispersed students can use this application to present education or knowledge. By using this application you can send education at a distance. Extracurricular cognitive activities can be spread through this application. You can also spread more positive actions using this application.

So guys, this was today’s tune. Hope you like it. If you like it, thank me with a joss. And if you have any comments about the tune, please comment. See you in the next tune. Until then, stay well, stay healthy and take care. Allah-Hafez.


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