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You must be familiar with URL Shortener. It turns any long URL into a short link. A URL shortener allows you to shorten links to a business’s products, making it much easier to promote that business. Also, a URL Short link can track incoming traffic.

Currently there are some popular URL shortener websites, which will convert your long URL into a short URL. In today’s tune, I have discussed four Top URL Shorteners that you can use to track links to your products. As a result, managing your company’s web activities will be much easier.

You can analyze all the traffic of your website through these URL shortener websites. For example: how many people visited your website last month, how many people came from your latest newsletter link and how many people clicked on your link in the media, etc.

If you are running a small e-commerce business, then you definitely need to track the activities of those visitors. And by doing this you can increase your sales. However, for that you definitely need to have an idea about the traffic sources of those visitors. Link shortener websites can give you a clear idea about your potential customers or clients.

In particular, there are no marketing experts for small businesses. In this case he does not know how to track the traffic. However, you can track that traffic yourself if you want, and you don’t have to be a marketing expert for that. Regardless of your technical skill level, you can easily track links using a URL shortener.

What is URL Shortener?

What is URL Shortener?

Generally speaking, URL Shortener is a web app. A website that takes a long URL and shortens it to fewer characters. That is, a URL Shortener turns a long URL into a short URL, and it’s functionality remains the same. And example of this is TinyURL website. If you come to this website and paste a long link, it will generate a short link for you.

And the links generated from these link shortener websites are very easy to share anywhere and such links also look beautiful. Links generated with Link Shortener are very easy to share in Email, Print material, Facebook and other places.

There are now some URL shortener services, which convert a long link into a short link and allow you to track that link. In other words, these URL shortener apps allow you to shorten a long link and track the traffic coming from that link if you share it through any medium.

For these important reasons, there is a need to shorten the links of your website. For example, if you want people to go to that page from the link “techtunes.io/android-apps/tune-id/773932”. Now, if you share it with him in any medium, then this link may seem too big for him. Besides, messaging someone with such a long link adds trouble. Especially, when you want to message a link with a Bangla word to someone from your mobile SIM.

In this case, it can be seen that if you take and paste the Bengali text link somewhere, it becomes a random link. For example: If you copy and paste that link, the Bengali texts will be like this “%e0%a6%a8%e0%a6%a4%e0”. In this case, the length of that link becomes too long, and sending it to someone is troublesome. So, now we need to shorten that link, so that the functionality of that link remains the same.

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And if you use a link shortener in these cases, then you will get rid of this problem. Besides, if you have shared any of your product links on different platforms for business reasons, then Link shortener will play a very important role in determining the traffic coming from those different platforms.

Link branding your business

Business link branding

Some URL Shorteners give you some additional benefits. They allow you to buy domains of your choice and through which you can create more brand value of your website. For example, if we look at a short link created by the New York Times, we can see that their short link starts with nyti/ and leads to their website with nyti/ms. Similarly, Nike website short link is swoo.sh/.

Here you can see that they have created their own link shortener as per their brand name. Now if they shorten any of their product links with a shortener, their brand name will appear right in the middle of the link. And in this way they will create a link branding of that short link.

However, to get customized short link like them, you must buy domain and create your own branding short link through it. And those URL Shortener service providers sell these domains as part of their service. You can do this if you buy your organization’s domain name from them and create a short link with it. And naturally, if you shorten any link from their website, you will see their website domain first. And by doing this your own website link branding is not created.

For example, if we short link a product through the bitly.com website, we will see the bit.ly/ domain at the beginning of the short link created through it. And this is the branding name of this website. Similarly, if we buy our own domain name from these service providers and create a short link, then we can display our brand at the beginning of that link.

And, we must buy a domain to introduce our website through Short URL as well. And by doing this, our branding will emerge through normal links and short links.

Start your business with URL Shortener

URL Shortener

If you start using URL Shortener, you can create new links as soon as you set up their tool. We know that all the traffic of a website can be monitored using Google analytics. But, if you don’t use Google analytics on your website, how do you identify the source of that traffic? And in this case UTM tracking code can help you.

Digital marketers use a variety of tools to track or measure the effectiveness of these products in their digital marketing. And among these are Archin Tracking Modules or UTMs, which are appended to the end of a URL. However, if you can track your traffic better than this method, it’s not that important for you to know about it.

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Rather, we can get this benefit through some link shortener. We can monitor URL Shortener websites by purchasing premium subscriptions and generating links from them. We will use these link shortener web apps to easily analyze how much traffic has come from any link generated by our product.

4 Top URL Shortener and Link Tracking Service Provider Websites

Top URL Shortener and Link Tracking Websites

Currently there are many URL shortener service providers that will let you shorten URLs. Also, these service providers will allow you to track all those links and also help you create branding links as per your choice. However, among these link shortener websites on the internet, I have given more priority to some websites. And they provide more features than all other URL Shortener websites and can help you grow your business much more.

I have discussed 4 URL Shorteners in today’s tune, listed in order of features.

1. Bitly

Bitly link shortener

Bitly is a full service online link management tool. It creates links for Marketing, Social media, Business cards, Promotional materials and more. Basically, it can turn a very long link into a short one. The links generated by it are very easy to share in various mediums, especially in print materials. Because, if you add a long link in a printed paper or something like that, it will take up a lot of space on that page.

You can get a short link through Bitly and one that is branded for your organization. If you shorten a link using their free service, the link will start with bit.ly/. But, if you subscribe to one of their packages, you will be able to create links with your brand name and those links won’t have a random set of characters inside. That is, you can create a fresh short link. In this case, looking at the short link, there is no way to understand that it is a shortened link. Rather, your brand name will emerge through that short link.

You can track your site traffic on the dashboard by logging into the Bitly website; And you can see how people are coming to your website.

Bitly’s free service has some limitations though. However, if you subscribe to any of their premium packages, you can get some extra benefits. Currently they have a monthly minimum of $29 as a premium subscription.


Official Website @ Bitly

2. Bl.ink

Blink url shortener

Bl.ink is another full-service online link management tool and URL shortener. It is also similar to Bitly discussed above. However, Bl.ink has many options for subscribing to their packages and they offer different types of plans. And for you or a small business this website can be a good helper.

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You can create Branded link and Short link using it. Also, the wording used in the links created through Bl.ink is very subtle and readable. In managing various marketing campaigns and the links generated through it, you will see real time analytics and searchable tags. All in all, this can be a very useful tool for shortening and monitoring your product links.


Official Website @ Bl.ink

3. Rebranding

Rebrandly short link website

Rebrandly is a great website for business and professional marketing. For those who generate hundreds or thousands of unique URLs for their small business, this is a useful tool. Through it you can also create unique URLs like Bitly and Bl.ink and track the traffic coming from those links.

Rebrandly website offers you Custom branded links, Plus tags, Dashboard and much more. Interestingly, this website allows you to create 5 custom domain short links for free.

Although Rebrandly has a free plan. However, through this you will not get their full service. In this case you can buy their premium subscription for as low as $29.


Official Website @ Rebrandly

4. Yourls

Yourls url shortener

Among the few URL shortener websites I have discussed above so far, this one is probably the most unfamiliar one. You might even have heard the name of this website for the first time. However, this website is not suitable for the technically inexperienced. Because, the user interface and usage rules of this website are not as easy as other websites. And I have placed this website at number four in today’s list, because it is an open source service.

This website also allows you to shorten your links like other link shorteners, which can be public or private. And it offers some amount of link tracking. And you need some technical knowledge to install it. And you can see the process of installing it on YouTube. It is very lightweight and you can customize it to your liking by adding plugins.

Let us tell you that Yourls is completely free and an open source service.


Official Website @ Yourls

last word

We definitely need a website to run our business and share links to those products through various mediums. And because the length of those links is very high, it becomes a challenge to do a promotional campaign with them. However, if we use URL Shortener services in this case, then we can overcome that problem to a large extent and we can expand our online based business. And if we use a custom domain for link shortening, then we can retain our own link branding with short links.


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