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In this age of technology, every hand has a smart-phone. And every person is more or less addicted to smart-phone. There are some people who do not take their eyes off their smart phone even once in 24 hours. However, it was a matter of words. I mean there are some who almost always use smart-phones. If you’re always spending time with your phone, you’re definitely not alone.

A majority of US adults say they use their smart-phones the most. And in the recent period or years the amount of excessive use of smart-phones is increasing. Since 2015, the number of people using smart phones has changed from 39% to 58%. And that’s according to a new sophisticated Gallup survey. Experts blame the human brain as the reason for the increase in the number of mobile users. Because the human brain is very fond of the fun things that mobile phones have.

Just as drugs and alcohol affect or cause chemical reactions in the brain, smart-phones also affect or cause chemical reactions in the human brain. It is known that when we get a like or a notification from the phone, a chemical substance called dopamine is released in our brain. This dopamine gives a fresh feel, creating a good feeling. As a result we return good behavior as a response.

Melissa Huay is a professor of behavioral science at the New York Institute of Technology. And he did a lot of research on this subject. He spoke in an email interview about the smartphone addiction of youth and adults.

He said, through the use of mobile phones, we create an endless cycle of addiction. He further said that we spend a lot of time looking at mobile phones to feel better. He also said that when we don’t get likes or notifications on a tune, our mind becomes depressed and we feel lonely or lonely which also creates an adverse effect.

Excessive use of mobile

Americans say they use smart-phones a lot. But two-thirds of them think smart-phones have improved their lives. That is, 21% of people say that smart phones have improved their lives a lot and 44% of people say that it has improved their lives somewhat. And these issues are known from the report of a Gallup poll. In 2015 there was some variation in these values ​​as internet connectivity was 72%. Only 12% of people say that smartphones have made their lives worse.

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The report shows that the most significant changes in phone usage habits have occurred in specific areas. For example, online shopping through smart-phones has increased a lot. In 2015, people spent 11% more time on smartphones than on computers. People are currently spending 42% more time on smart-phones than computers. That is, a 31% point increase in smartphone time spent in just a few days.

Matt Wallaert is an eminent person who is basically the head of the department of frog behavior past science. In an email interview with a design firm that has close ties to and collaborates with companies like Apple and other tech companies, he said in an email interview that smartphones aren’t usually purely addictive, they’re useful.

A smart-phone has its pros and cons, i.e. addictive and functional. One of the addictive aspects is playing games on the phone or spending time unnecessarily talking to someone on social media. Which we can do anywhere else or outside the smart-phone. And functional aspects include speaking usefully with others ie communicating and studying. A smart-phone can be a good helper in studying. Matt Wallaert says we need to think about separating utilities from addictions.

What is meant by being addicted

The majority of US adults use smart-phones excessively, and their numbers have been steadily increasing in recent years.

According to experts, one of the reasons for phone addiction is our brain. Because our brain likes smart-phones or happy moments on smart-phones release dopamine in our brain which creates good feelings.

If you go to sleep with your smart-phone outside your room and if you fall asleep within a short time and if your sleep improves day by day i.e. changes significantly then you will know that you are addicted to your phone.

Try to save time

If you feel like you’re using too much or too much or your phone usage is out of your control, you can set a phone usage limit. Alexander Bentley is the CEO of REMEDY Wellbeing. Try not to leave your phone in the bedroom, and leave it in another room during meals, she told Lifewire in an email to the mental health center.

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Use the phone by maintaining a balance rather than using the phone all the time. As a result, dependence on your phone will decrease. When a phone can do so much, a person can easily become dependent on the phone. Bentley mentioned this.

But if you use alternative devices instead of using the phone, then the addiction to the phone can be reduced a little. For example, you can use a laptop or tablet for searching, researching or reading books. But, if you do these things on a smart-phone, your dependence on the phone will increase. Since alternative devices are not easily transportable, dependence on them will not increase as much as on phones.

According to Wallaert, human behavior is simply a competition between promoting pressures and inhibiting pressures. Promoting pressure is what drives people toward an addictive behavior. That is, pushes the game. And inhibiting pressure pushes people away from addictive activities. How do you understand the matter?

Suppose you are in class 10 and addicted to games. So, you have an exam at 10 am. So of course you go for the exam without playing the game. Here, the pressure that will take you to the exam hall is the inhibiting pressure or binding pressure. And the pressure that makes you interested in playing the game is promoting pressure. Create some compelling pressures or tasks in your life to counteract these promoting pressures.

You find yourself not using the phone excessively. You may want to play the game. Because, your mind games are constantly being diverted by advertisements. It is basically a promoting pressure so counter it by coming up with a binding pressure or an inhibiting pressure. That is, you go indoors or outdoors to learn a new skill. For example, apart from learning typing, learning graphics design and learning programming, you can join any part time job.

If you are addicted to games, set a time limit or limit for playing games. And if any mandatory work is done properly then only play the game and not otherwise. Also, keep game apps at the bottom of your phone’s apps or at the bottom of all pages except the homepage. So you need to swipe or scroll down the page to reach the game. Wallaer gave this idea. You are using the phone instead of giving the news that you can run to someone. The problem is not our phone, the problem is mine, yours, ours. So put on good shoes and run around a bit and keep track of your precious time by keeping a calendar and a watch.

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By all means just put your phone away. Huey’s special tip is to improve your sleep by keeping your phone out of the bedroom. According to a report by Gallup Poll, people living in America have the highest number of phone overusers in their country because they keep their phone next to them while sleeping. And day by day it is increasing which reaches 63% to 72%. So, another new data has come out this year, and that is 64% of people check their phone as soon as they wake up.

When you spend time with family or spend time with friends, you put your phone away. As a result, your addiction to the phone will decrease a little and the relationship with the people you know will also improve. Huey presented the discussion on one topic. If you want to escape phone addiction, you need to be aware of every moment. You can put your phone in silent mode or turn off notifications. So that the phone is not easily remembered. In addition, the app and usage that determine the limit in terms of phone usage. By using it, you can only play the phone at certain times, and not at that time. As a result, addiction or dependence on your phone will gradually decrease.

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